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  • What is your clean-up process? Do you clean up afterwards?
    Yes we do. We will always provide clean up of the project as well as dispose of any leftover debris in a safe and efficient manner. We will note in our estimates if clean-up will be daily or if we may need to do all at once (after the job is completed).
  • Do you also do landscaping?
    Depending on your tree service project, we can also provide landscaping services as neccessary. Though tree service is our bread and butter, we can also recommend drought efficient landscapes to save on water as well as tips on maintenancing a lucious green yard or green space.
  • Do you do yard maintenance? Like installing sprinklers, cut the grass etc?"
    Because of the nature of our business and how far it has grown, we unfortunately cannot offer regular yard maintenance for residential or commercial properties. If your project requires regular maintenance afterwards, that is something we are happy to discuss with you and can recommend a few local yard maintenance fellows.
  • What type of equipment will you be using?
    So this depends on your project or service however safety is at the forefront of our minds when it comes to providing you the best in service. We do all that we can to minimize the risk of injury and that may involve a few different tools or pieces of equipment that we may utilize. As one of the only tree service companies in Ventura County to own a Spider-Lift or aerial work platform, we do our best to minimize the use of tree climbers and potential damage from falling tree limbs.
  • Will I need a permit to trim my trees if they are on the sidewalk?
    So this depends on a case by case basis. When you have your first walkthrough with Jorge (the owner), you can go over any concerns you may have with him regarding permits and speaking with the city. A majority of cases may not require a permit however depending on where your tree is located, where the property line starts and ends, which city you're located in and what type of tree is requiring service, you may need to obtain a permit to trim. This is based on a variety of factors so we recommend looking at your city guidelines for more information on this.
  • One of my neighbor's trees has branches on my side of the property line. Can you trim it?
    So this is a situation that you must first discuss with your neighbor about how it must be handled. We will require written consent from both of you regarding trimming the tree branches that are on your side of the property line. Many cities offer guidelines regarding this type of situation and there may be resources available for you if you cannot get your neighbor to agree (which does happen).
  • Are you licensed and insured?
    We sure are! Corona's Tree Service, Inc. is licensed by the California Contractor's State License Board for Tree Service. Our license number is #900275. We also have worker's compensation, liability insurance as well as bond insurance which we are more than happy to send digital copies for your records.
  • What sort of services do you provide?
    We provide a variety of services for all sorts of tree maintenance and tree care projects. We also do tree trimming, tree pruning, tree shaping, regular tree maintenance and bush maintenance, brush clearing, stump grinding and tree removal.
  • How far is your service area?
    So we typically do what cities are included in Ventura County such as Oxnard, Ventura, Camarillo, Ojai, Fillmore, Santa Paula. Thousand Oaks, Newburry Park, Somis, etc. We typically don't go any further than this simply because it is usually much cheaper for you to find someone local to your area (e.g. if you live in Carpinteria or if you're in Westlake Village). However, we are one of the few tree service companies in the county that possess large equipment such as spider-lift, stump grinder and many different chippers so if you think your tree project requires such large equipment, give us a call.
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